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paul_newman.jpgI was going to write today about the Presidential debate, but instead find I need to say goodbye to the first man I ever loved--Paul Newman. As a pre-pubescent girl curled up in an armchair on rainy Sundays watching movies, my teeny nascent lust was aroused by the eyes, that attitude. Who wouldn't follow Ari Ben Canaan to Palestine? What woman wouldn't stick with Fast Eddie Felson? And who could play the grifter/drifter/anti-hero better?

He aged perfectly--staying interesting till the end, both as an actor and a man.

Imdb has a complete filmography. Even I, a lifelong fan, was surprised by how many of his movies were iconic milestones for me. And how many were just so damn good.

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  • I think most women in the world were in love with Paul Newman at one time or another. Imagine he was married TO JoAnne Woodward for fifty years. Not too many in Hollywood or outside of Hollywood could brag of that...My favorite..Cat on a Hot Tin ROof. GOod by to a great actor and philanthropist.

  • Paul Newman created a new model for us boomer males--sophisticated did not mean
    you needed a foreign accent--nor
    did it mean that you needed to be a workout rat, you just needed to be smart, cool, wry and funny --OK it helped he was a good looking but that was the icing not the main dish.

  • I think one of his best recently was the part of the father in 'Message in a Bottle'. Kostner is often too good to be believable. Newman's role as the crusty dad took the edge off that and made the whole thing much more real and human. He'll always be Fast Eddy first, though.

  • Icing his good looks may have been, but what fabulous icing!

  • Your post about Paul Newman resonated with me - to my core. I don't get all mushy about actors, but I fell in love with him when I was 12 and WGN Chicago TV played older black and white movies all night long on summer nights. "The Long Hot Summer" was the first time I remember feeling girl-heat over a movie. (blush). I loved Joanne, too, so it was real ok she was married to him.

    I enjoy your blog so much I decided to include it in a list of excellent baby boomer blogs for my boomer techy blog at - Thanks for the good writing, and best to you.

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