A Boomer View of the Election

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As aging Hipsters, we've had the benefit of watching as the tenor of politics has grown ever more divisive. Negative campaigning isn't new - you can find examples as far back as Jefferson - but today the message seems designed to divide and polarize. And now, an even more insidious set of code words is creeping into the campaign with the expressed purpose of stirring racial hatred.

Perhaps MaCain reasons that if he can scare enough white people into voting against a black man, he might have a chance to once again split the electorate into numbers that favor his campaign. In the McCain/Palin world, "real Americans" means white people living in predominantly white states. "That One" is code for anything different than white.

What he doesn't count on is Obama's uniquely compelling message to bring real change to the country and unify the electorate. You don't have to even have a firm grasp of the issues to make a choice. Just observe. McCain - cranky and annoyed, attacking at every opportunity, or Obama - cool and composed with a message that looks to the good character of all Americans.

McCain would have us believe it's about experience. But experience without leadership is a hollow promise. It's really about judgment. McCain chose a divisive course when he unleashed his judgment on us in the form of Sarah Palin. Sure, she has "energized the base" (read, pander to the far-right) but at what cost?

There was a time when I might have supported McCain, but this single decision signaled that he had caved to the Republican hate machine and embraced its narrow agenda. Include the fact that he hired the same Rove disciples responsible for torpedoing him in the last election and we get a clear picture of a man who says "Country First" yet means McCain first... at all costs.

Once again, all you have to do is observe to see the contrast. If it's a matter of judgment, I'll take Biden as an indication of good judgment and Palin as an example of poor judgment.

I'm no socialist (whatever that means) but like to think I can spot fairness when I see it. The Bush administration has made a mockery of the American Dream by forcing a greater percentage of the tax burden on the middle class while easing it for the top 10% of wealthy Americans. And unfortunately, if the current trend keeps up, the top 10% will be the only ones working any way.

This election is about protecting the middle class. Not just the white, right-leaning, evangelical middle class, but the entire middle class. Its about creating jobs that help every American aspire to something greater. The "real Americans" in this race are the ones who realize it's time to stop focusing on greed and start thinking about what's fair.

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  • The Greatest Generation gave birth to the "BIG BIG ME". Your generation is the first generation of ideological subversives. And you are one of them.

    Obama's plans will not create jobs. It will kill the middle class. He says he's going to grow the middle class, but his definition of middle class is obviously not the same as most of America's. His economic plans have been hailed as disastrous by more than one scholar.

    You are a freakin' Socialist. What is "fair"? To you, fairness is about money and spreading the wealth no matter how hard one person worked and how lazy the other person was. THAT IS NOT FAIR. It is not rationally fair to penalize the hardworker by stealing his money and handing it to the lazy arse down the street who is on welfare and owns a flatscreen TV and a cellphone.

    You are totally clueless and will drink the Koolaid. You ruin America. You ruin the World.

    If America cannot thrive, then the rest of the world WILL suffer. If she cannot help herself, she cannot help anyone else.

    I don't know what you learned in school, but you were listening to the "in" crowd. You've only ever listened to your peers and neglected to hear the wisdom of history or care about the future of American generations.

    While John McCain was serving his nation in a POW camp, Obama was on his way to smoking crack. Your eyes are so shut, and you are so bought. At least McCain hasn't gone out and spent MILLIONS of dollars in the way that Obama has. . . Why doesn't Obama put his money where his mouth is? Why did all that money he got to give Rezko to help improve conditions in the slums of Chicago not go where they were supposed to go? The people in poverty there did not benefit. Obama has taken the money and ran for his "greater" cause: to get himself elected.

    I cannot tell you how disrespected your generation is. Your parents and grandparents saved this country and the world. . . you guys only continue to think of yourselves.

    My parents are boomers, but fortunately, they were some of the few who quietly went about their business raising children with a true American legacy instead of this bullsh*t you have passed on. While my father studied hard to get through college, other dopes of your age were skipping class to attend "peace rallies". While my mother worked hard to put my father through school and raise a family, other dopes her age were indulging in drugs, having dangerous sex, and screaming "peace". . . You guys are not going to bring peace about at all.

    You bring destruction.

    Your generation will be the one that brought America down. Now I guess people my age and younger have the opportunity to be the next patriots since you all turned treasonous with your acid-dropping years.

    There's nothing cool about you self-proclaimed "aging hipsters".

    Get a clue and watch something other than the mainstream media. It's overloaded for Obama, and that's scary. It even admits now to being biased.

    You want to talk about divisive? Barack Obama spent 20 years in an "I hate Amerikkka" church. Obama is the friend (and 3rd floor office neighbor and neighborhood buddy) Bill Ayers, a man who hates America and disrespectfully steps on her flag. (If he steps on her flag, then he will have even little more respect for her people.) Obama is a LIAR. . . he continues to stump all over the place telling subversives like you packs of lies in desperation to cover his tail. He tells McCain to repudiate his supporters, and yet Obama will not repudiate his. . . How about the news that a .22 shotgun shot shattered a window of the McCain Palin campaign bus in the last two days in New Mexico? That's real peaceful and I doubt you heard about it on the mainstream news. Obama did NOT support the legislation that would protect the survivors of abortion. . . that's so compassionate, right?

    McCain is not the divisive individual in this campaign. Obama's very radical left leanings and poor judgment have made this a very polarized election. McCain is KNOWN for being a moderate. There's absolute nothing moderate about Obama, and you people here are idiots to believe he stands for everyone.

    WAKE UP. Or will your pride kill us all?

  • This article might have had a stronger impact on me if the author had not been so biased.

    If you are unable to pick up on that bias, I'm afraid you might want to question your own biases.

    I think I'm going to write in "Bill Cosby". It annoys me that neither major party can come up with one reasonable candidate.

  • Mostly everything is plain rhetoric. I think we are all tired of these empty promises...Middle class, please tell me what this entails...????? Politicians lie until they are sworn in..and somehow things just never quite happen like promised.

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