Just the Facts, Ma'am

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Boy, the McCain camp can't get anything right: they actually have me on their email list. The good thing is I now get to see what they're sending supporters. We also hear from friends and relations in battleground states about the kind of advertising the Republicans are doing there. And it's ugly. I'm not naive, both sides have been known to skirt around the edges of the truth. Which is why we urge you and everyone you know to avail yourselves of these great fact checking websites:

The FactCheck Wire, with the great tagline--"Faster than the speed of spin"

Just the Facts

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  • Yes...I know what you mean. I have signed up for Obamas email list to find out what they are putting out as well even though I am a Mccain supporter. I have checked out these sites and seem to be reliable sources. I am frightened we will pick the DEM party because they will disappoint a lot of people who actually believe their plan to CHANGE America. They will certainly change...but it will be a change far more negative than we stand today. That is unfortunate, but we won't learn our lesson until the wrong person actually ends up in office.

  • Quoting Tiffany:

    "..we won't learn our lesson until the wrong person actually ends up in office."

    You mean someone like George Bush?

  • There's a connection between FactCheck.Org, Obama, Ayers and the Annenburg Fdn.

    Better make sure you know who is running the propaganda sites where you get your info.

  • Oh that wild and crazy Annenberg Foundation! As in Walter Annenberg--Nixon's choice for Ambassador to the Court of St. James and bosom buddy of Ronald Reagan. I suspect the only connection between Annenberg and Ayres is the letter 'A'.

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